Tuesday, March 23, 2010


repulsively unpleasant on the inside. stiff on the outside. yesterday Hop Along played here in Birmingham and then slept over and their van's brakes don't work and we went to a Chinese buffet that has macaroni and cheese. the gas in our apartment is getting turned on today so to celebrate I'll probably make some kind of funfetti.

sometimes people show too much of themselves, like they're overzealously barbaric and rude like people are just gonna stay their friend forever no matter how surly they are. I hope that the world doesn't work like that. I hope those people get what's coming. because swallowing irritable instincts is like second nature to most people.

Um we played a show in Somerville, MA on tour and some kid threw some cups at me and the same kid called Shannon's fannypack retarded and then mispronounced like 3 band names to me and then tried to catch a ride with TTF but all that aside Catherine sent me a video of our set and so I thought I'd post it.

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