Tuesday, March 23, 2010


repulsively unpleasant on the inside. stiff on the outside. yesterday Hop Along played here in Birmingham and then slept over and their van's brakes don't work and we went to a Chinese buffet that has macaroni and cheese. the gas in our apartment is getting turned on today so to celebrate I'll probably make some kind of funfetti.

sometimes people show too much of themselves, like they're overzealously barbaric and rude like people are just gonna stay their friend forever no matter how surly they are. I hope that the world doesn't work like that. I hope those people get what's coming. because swallowing irritable instincts is like second nature to most people.

Um we played a show in Somerville, MA on tour and some kid threw some cups at me and the same kid called Shannon's fannypack retarded and then mispronounced like 3 band names to me and then tried to catch a ride with TTF but all that aside Catherine sent me a video of our set and so I thought I'd post it.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Columbus!!! P.S. Eliot has endless love for this city. We always have a good time here. We're really psyched to play with our friends Rag Rage tonight! If you're around come to our show at Legion Of Doom!

1. My Fatal Organ- Tin Armor
2. Behind Curtain #-Discount
3. Jimmy- Henry's Dress
4. My Rollercoaster- Kimya Dawson
5. Our Forts Were Elaborate- Halo Fauna
6. Jorge Regula- Moldy Peaches
7. 100,000 Fireflies- Magnetic Fields
8. Boatwatcher- Cara Beth Satalino
9. Stormy Weather- Reigning Sound
10. I'll Be Good To You- Bitch School


Thursday, March 18, 2010


Today we drive from Cambridge (Somerville) to Philly. I feel like there was a period of time last year when I was in Philadelphia like once a month or something crazy. Something about that city feels very domestic. It's been about 8 months or so since I've been there and I'm really pumped about today. We're playing at the Ava House in South Philly.

1. Here's Your Future- The Thermals
2. To The East- Electrelane
3. Good Houses- Madeline
4. Baby Tooth- TacocaT
5. Remember When- Heathers
6. Rudderless- The Lemonheads
7. Turkey Sandwich- Mika Miko
8. Telephone Wires- Watercolor Paintings
9. After You Left- Mirah
10. New Generation- Suede


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today is Cambridge, MA. This summer we played a show there and I ended up asleep in a closet at the Advocate building? Our friend Catherine has been really supportive of our band since what seems like the very beginning. My mix today is partly dedicated to her because I included a lot of bands that I know we both like. Another thing that should be interesting about our show is that it's on St Patrick's Day. If it's anything like last time it should be pretty crazy. Cheers!

1. Fuck and Run- Liz Phair
2. Supreme Nothing- Tiger Trap
3. Never Say Never- That Dog
4. Count To Ten- The Softies
5. By Tomorrow- Black Tambourine
6. Caribou- The Pixies
7. Catch The Spirit- Football, Etc.
8. Lily White Hands- The Gossip
9. I'm Not Even Trying- This Is My Fist!
10. Laments Of A Mattress- Hop Along


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today we play in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I love playing shows in New York. We were just up about a month ago and the show was really awesome. The people I know here have always been endlessly supportive so I think in my mixtape today I'm going to reciprocate in a tiny way. Every band on the list today is either from New York(or very close in NJ) or was from New York or, in one case, is from REALLY far away but I played a show with in New York. You should check all of them out after downloading.

1. Favreau- Kudrow
2. The Big Six- Little Lungs
3. Island Loops- So So Glos
4. The Moment That You Said Yes- The Measure (SA)
5. Hot Tub- Full Of Fancy
6. Bone Valley Deposit- The Besties
7. The Golden Ghost- Cheeky
8. Joset of Nazareth's Blues- Titus Andronicus
9. Slow Signal- The Diamond Sea
10. Three- Each Other's Mothers


Monday, March 15, 2010


Today we're playing in Washington DC at the 3rd St Co-op. I haven't ever played a show in DC so I'm eager to see what it'll be like. Its a very historical city for punk rock and one of my favorite record labels ever was based out of DC. (Simple Machines) I included some local now-defunct bands as well as a Magnetic Fields song that I couldn't leave off for discernible reasons. Enjoy.

1. Waxed- Tsunami
2. Washington D.C.- Magnetic Fields
3. Exorcism- Turboslut
4. Casper The Friendly Ghost- Daniel Johnston
5. What's- The Ecstasy of St. Theresa
6. Everything Is- Neutral Milk Hotel
7. The Black and The Red- One Reason
8. It's The Love- The Breeders
9. Sadder Star- Mineral
10. Eisenhower Is The Father- Best Friends Forever


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today we're doing a kind of crazy drive to Baltimore. (It's really only crazy because we are playing DC tomorrow. We're doing this because our friend/promoter in DC gets home from tour tomorrow) Never have I ever had a lousy time in Baltimore. The people there are ever-so accommodating and cordial so we are really pumped to go back. Also never have I ever been to Baltimore and not gone swimming. I guess there is a first time for everything. None of these bands are from Baltimore, its just a jumble.

1. Crash- The Primitives
2. Sleeper Hold- Teenage Cool Kids
3. Extracts- Ruby Falls
4. Freewheel- Team Dresch
5. Vanishing Act- Excuse 17
6. Tangled Up- Fleabag
7. Fair Friend- Abe Froman
8. Life Moves- RVIVR
9. Doomed To Be Alone- Used Kids
10. Waiting Room- Slingshot Dakota


Saturday, March 13, 2010


Here marks the first day of tour. We are driving for most of the day to Richmond, VA to meet up with out tourmates The Two Funerals and longtime buddies Hop Along (both of which are included on the mix) I hope you enjoy what you hear. I'm going to try and keep it at 10 songs and include bands currently and formerly from the city I'm in. Obviously it's not limited to that, but you get the picture. Here's mixtape number 1!

1. The Breakfast Song-Hop Along
2. The Jungle-Bitchin'
3. Shallow-Heavenly
4. Magnet's Coil-Sebadoh
5. Psychology Song-Erin Tobey
6. Crashing Rockets-ShellShag
7. A Picnic-Cub
8. Thirteen-Evan Dando
9. If You Tried-The Fastbacks
10. Hit The Ground-The Two Funerals


Friday, March 5, 2010


this marker is clearly not washable. THIS MARKER IS NOT WASHING OFF.

I'm going on tour next week. I decided I would make a mixtape for each day and post it here from the road with a download link.
here are the dates:
MARCH 13TH-RICHMOND, VA @the Dull House
MARCH 14TH-BALTIMORE, MD@the Golden West
MARCH 17TH-CAMBRIDGE, MA@Bill Jefferson's Lair
MARCH 19TH-COLUMBUS, OH@Legion of Doom
MARCH 20TH-LOUISVILLE, KY@the Skull Alley (early show)

Come hang out.

Thursday, March 4, 2010