Saturday, March 13, 2010


Here marks the first day of tour. We are driving for most of the day to Richmond, VA to meet up with out tourmates The Two Funerals and longtime buddies Hop Along (both of which are included on the mix) I hope you enjoy what you hear. I'm going to try and keep it at 10 songs and include bands currently and formerly from the city I'm in. Obviously it's not limited to that, but you get the picture. Here's mixtape number 1!

1. The Breakfast Song-Hop Along
2. The Jungle-Bitchin'
3. Shallow-Heavenly
4. Magnet's Coil-Sebadoh
5. Psychology Song-Erin Tobey
6. Crashing Rockets-ShellShag
7. A Picnic-Cub
8. Thirteen-Evan Dando
9. If You Tried-The Fastbacks
10. Hit The Ground-The Two Funerals

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