Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today is Cambridge, MA. This summer we played a show there and I ended up asleep in a closet at the Advocate building? Our friend Catherine has been really supportive of our band since what seems like the very beginning. My mix today is partly dedicated to her because I included a lot of bands that I know we both like. Another thing that should be interesting about our show is that it's on St Patrick's Day. If it's anything like last time it should be pretty crazy. Cheers!

1. Fuck and Run- Liz Phair
2. Supreme Nothing- Tiger Trap
3. Never Say Never- That Dog
4. Count To Ten- The Softies
5. By Tomorrow- Black Tambourine
6. Caribou- The Pixies
7. Catch The Spirit- Football, Etc.
8. Lily White Hands- The Gossip
9. I'm Not Even Trying- This Is My Fist!
10. Laments Of A Mattress- Hop Along

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