Sunday, February 27, 2011

negative creep

have a running list of band names. i'm in tallahassee and i'm on cup 3 of st johns wort tea. really bad things happen and you feel tired always. coffee doesn't help. i do feel a little better today. it's the florida weather and the rootbeer. i realize this is incoherent.

Friday, February 25, 2011


one time when i was living in tuscaloosa tripp talked me into buying mushrooms with him and then talked me into eating the whole bag with him on a school night. i freaked out and made everyone leave my room and only let anyone come in if all the lights were out and i could stay under my covers. i wrote a song about it. tripp won't ever hear it. there is so much i wish i could tell him and so many funny things i'd like to reminisce with him and i want to dance with him and hug him and tell him how much i love him. today fucking sucks. no one was just his acquaintance. everyone was his friend. sometimes you really don't know how much someone means to you until you can't tell them anymore.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i was so nervous, ridiculously nervous

I realize I've neglected this thing since I left for tour. I'll attempt a halfass recap. I'm in Bloomington at my friend Toby's house drinking coffee and being on a computer for the first time since the last time. I was telling everyone as we were driving in to town yesterday evening how much I like playing college towns. We've pretty much stuck to playing big cities on this tour with a few exceptions and playing a small town really breaks up the monotony in a great way.

Sourpatch left us a few nights ago to fly away to Europe and I must say that I haven't met and instantly connected with four people like that maybe ever in my life. I miss having them around and I certainly miss watching them play every night.

Today we're driving to Chicago. The show tonight is possibly the most highly-anticipated show of the tour. Chicago is always really good to me and Allison and This Is My Fist is playing. I can't wait.

Aside from tour stuff, we saw Marco a few nights ago and got the sleeves and inserts for "Sadie"-they look tight. I also got wind that the artwork to my new solo record is near finished as well. Projects!!

Ramsey (our sweet roadie) is leaving us after tonight's show. Big bummer. She bought me a Justin Bieber activity book yesterday so that's been keeping us occupied. He's a Pisces. (of course)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

start today

i know i have beaten this whole tour thing into the ground, but here are the dates with the venues and all that so you'll know where to find me for the next 3 weeks.

february 13th: NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ @ mccormick's pub w/ backpocket, sparkle shit, crimes
february 14th: WASHINGTON DC @ the dollhouse w/hot mess, sourpatch
february 15th: RICHMOND, VA @ rock garden w/sundials, little master, sourpatch
february 16th: BALTIMORE, MD @ hexagon space w/ paul baribeau, the boy who could fly, sourpatch
february 17th: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the marvelous w/cat vet, sourpatch
february 18th: EASTHAMPTON, MA @ the flywheel w/ libyans, parasol, sourpatch
february 19th: BROOKLYN, NY @ 538 johnson w/ aye nako, dear marje, sourpatch
february 20th: BUFFALO, NY @ sugar city
february 21st: COLUMBUS, OH @ the monster house w/ maryn jones, the hemlocks
february 22nd: BLOOMINGTON, IN @ the way out w/ beaker, high dives
february 23rd: CHICAGO, IL @ treasure town w/ this is my fist!, scabs, new creases
february 24th: LANSING, IL @ browntown w/ grown ups, like bats, new creases
february 25th: CHATTANOOGA @ sluggos north w/ bastard kind, twat sauce
february 26th: NEW ORLEANS, LA @nowe miasto w/ small bones, yellow fever, firebrand
february 27th: TALLAHASSEE, FL @ fresh fest 4
february 28th: TAMPA, FL @ transitions art gallery w/ bitter hearts
march 1st: GAINESVILLE, FL @ 1982 w/ bitter hearts, senders, imperial can
march 2nd: ATHENS, GA @ farm 255 w/ dead dog

see you soon!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


on this tour we are playing with sourpatch, backpocket, sparkle shit, hot mess, paul baribeau, libyans, cat vet, aye nako, this is my fist, new creases, grown ups, like bats, yellow fever, small bones, senders, bitter hearts, dead dog and many more and it is making all the stress of getting ready melt into overwhelming excitement. we're really lucky.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

somebody get this girl a tampon

this man has really helped me lately. i don't think he's god. i don't agree with everything he says. i am merely in love with the idea of being brutally honest and telling people the things they don't want to hear in order to help them. i've always thought of myself as more of a rose than a dorothy but i'm going to try and adopt this principle and i would encourage others to follow. 2011 is going to be about reality for katie crutchfield.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

boys fun

over the past few years i've developed and obsessed over a hypothesis regarding the male domination in the "big scheme" umbrella of the punk rock counter culture/diy community/whatever. it's been tested and proven (by me) time and time again and no one ever brings it to light. lauren denitzio, a dear friend of mine, recently wrote a piece that was reposted by punknews. it was (big shock) "misunderstood" by punknews readers for the most part. i mean based on my observation, the typical punknews patron is a 15 year old browbeat dick wad, but because the internet can be a conveniently anonymous place for bigots and browbeat dick wads alike, i have to assume that punknews represents the typical "punk". i'm going off on a tangent. let it be known that i have consumed a significant and notably impressive amount of whiskey tonight and it has created a soapbox in which i will stand on and shout to whoever the fuck wants to listen: sexist/bigoted pricks in the punk scene are really just like slighted ex-boyfriends....and THAT is my everlasting two cents. my hypothesis. you confront them, they pull out the lowest of low blows because they're intimidated/rejected/scorned..and while many times they are physically overbearing, they are also mentally and emotionally anxious, inept and scared shitless. it's a hypermasculine defense mechanism. calling punk dudes out for being oppressive and alienating is essentially like breaking up with your boyfriend when you're a freshman in highschool. it is most certainly the "right" thing to do, you just have to be prepared to be called a cunt on the internet.

Monday, February 7, 2011


here are the promised lyrics from the Chris Clavin split tape I did. The link to buy the tape from PIX is :

sister saint

weak knees, fuck yr sympathy
i'll be my own best friend
she prays as the radio plays
"i see a bad moon rising.." again
foretold, she lives on hold
what is she trying to save me from?
blindspot in the adjacent lot
waiting for my time to come
i won't wait in this line
i've got nothing left in me
my weight on yr shifting spine
i fuck up and you fabricate me
gray days on paper plates
our vibrations collide
arcane, sister's a saint
she sets herself aside
pitfall, publish, appall
i fall down right in the street
you blow smoke, you sugarcoat
then you take a front row seat
and i think i've had enough
i'm not listening to it
lay all of yr cards on the table
i know that you'd take every bit
i won't wait in this line
sooner or later it goes awry
and you live yr life like a chore
and i'm not listening anymore

whiskey & math

i'm not singing our song
i've been waiting here for way too long
working out long equations
drinking from paper bags
and i've spent 14 summers
fucking around with this idea
and i'll strain every connection
and show you what i'm made of
you said again
you get what you put in
my phone won't ring
i've put in nothing
i'm not blaming myself
you're down to dusty bones
and i read about women in black
floating up to the gray sky
and if i was wherever you are
i'd tell you pretty things like
we can stay as long as you want
tangled in sunny daylight
those ladies in black
i saw them ascending, half-smiling
and we live this scripted fate
in these moments we drop it and run away

home game

23rd street
the only girl i've ever seen
pumpkin street light
i was just 14
you are not sick
you hit your head on the brick wall
quick comprehension
gold rings and waterfalls
we lived a fleeting convention
but i felt constant in others' absence
your mama, barely awake
and your feigned light heart
i was stuck from the start
trophy of mine
highschool football games
enemy lines
i think both sides feel the same
paris in the back of yr mom's chevrolet
she pretends we're not there, she smells like yesterday
we live like the last two on earth
and we'll float on our backs
til the whole sky goes black
your fresh mind, concentrated
all the water we're made of
til you evaporated
my mother says you are under our feet
under the sidewalks, under 23rd street

black candy

short breaths, our living death
you take me for a ride
mouth shut, all blood and guts
and social suicide
why don't you go, pretense in tow
we'll be alright
eyes wide, good looks preside
you take me for a ride
we ascend, hand in hand
i toss and turn, you understand
we learn to synchronize
tirade provoke and inside jokes
and you just go
moonlight pours in tonight
and you are infinite
we squeeze out dark disease
exboyfriend jealousy
and then you take off
yr name aloft
we'll be alright
fairweather friends forever
and i just wait in line
skinned knees, christmas eve
it meant everything
train tracks, we sit back
watch it atrophy


its trivia, the tangles in my hair
winter hat on my bedroom floor
next to yr underwear
and pretty soon i'll have nothing left to cut loose
being clumsy's an explanation, not an excuse
lately i think about insecurity
how i'm not real sure i even know what it means
pushing through each boring, blurry day
this behavior is a method, not a phase
you spell it out, how i mistreated you
and i'm silent, you know i treat myself badly too
so i write jordan letters to say i'm trying to learn
and say i'm sorry for how i acted that one summer
i know i've fucked up, i've put people through hell
well i guess i just don't know myself that well
he forgives, forgets and he thinks that i'm uptight
and i'm learning about loneliness each night

Friday, February 4, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011