Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i was so nervous, ridiculously nervous

I realize I've neglected this thing since I left for tour. I'll attempt a halfass recap. I'm in Bloomington at my friend Toby's house drinking coffee and being on a computer for the first time since the last time. I was telling everyone as we were driving in to town yesterday evening how much I like playing college towns. We've pretty much stuck to playing big cities on this tour with a few exceptions and playing a small town really breaks up the monotony in a great way.

Sourpatch left us a few nights ago to fly away to Europe and I must say that I haven't met and instantly connected with four people like that maybe ever in my life. I miss having them around and I certainly miss watching them play every night.

Today we're driving to Chicago. The show tonight is possibly the most highly-anticipated show of the tour. Chicago is always really good to me and Allison and This Is My Fist is playing. I can't wait.

Aside from tour stuff, we saw Marco a few nights ago and got the sleeves and inserts for "Sadie"-they look tight. I also got wind that the artwork to my new solo record is near finished as well. Projects!!

Ramsey (our sweet roadie) is leaving us after tonight's show. Big bummer. She bought me a Justin Bieber activity book yesterday so that's been keeping us occupied. He's a Pisces. (of course)

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  1. Old banana peel on the mic stand... WAKA WAKA!