Sunday, February 13, 2011

start today

i know i have beaten this whole tour thing into the ground, but here are the dates with the venues and all that so you'll know where to find me for the next 3 weeks.

february 13th: NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ @ mccormick's pub w/ backpocket, sparkle shit, crimes
february 14th: WASHINGTON DC @ the dollhouse w/hot mess, sourpatch
february 15th: RICHMOND, VA @ rock garden w/sundials, little master, sourpatch
february 16th: BALTIMORE, MD @ hexagon space w/ paul baribeau, the boy who could fly, sourpatch
february 17th: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the marvelous w/cat vet, sourpatch
february 18th: EASTHAMPTON, MA @ the flywheel w/ libyans, parasol, sourpatch
february 19th: BROOKLYN, NY @ 538 johnson w/ aye nako, dear marje, sourpatch
february 20th: BUFFALO, NY @ sugar city
february 21st: COLUMBUS, OH @ the monster house w/ maryn jones, the hemlocks
february 22nd: BLOOMINGTON, IN @ the way out w/ beaker, high dives
february 23rd: CHICAGO, IL @ treasure town w/ this is my fist!, scabs, new creases
february 24th: LANSING, IL @ browntown w/ grown ups, like bats, new creases
february 25th: CHATTANOOGA @ sluggos north w/ bastard kind, twat sauce
february 26th: NEW ORLEANS, LA @nowe miasto w/ small bones, yellow fever, firebrand
february 27th: TALLAHASSEE, FL @ fresh fest 4
february 28th: TAMPA, FL @ transitions art gallery w/ bitter hearts
march 1st: GAINESVILLE, FL @ 1982 w/ bitter hearts, senders, imperial can
march 2nd: ATHENS, GA @ farm 255 w/ dead dog

see you soon!

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  1. Do you happen to know where, in Bloomington, The Way Out is? No one I've asked seems to know...