Sunday, October 10, 2010

There's an icecream truck in my neighborhood in October! It is October right? It's 90 degrees in Alabama today.

I feel overrun with empty ambition. I have all the energy in the world right now and no good ideas. I have developed all these weird superstitions, like I can't write music when it's dark outside. I don't know when my brain decided that.

social suicide

Another Sunday spent writing crybaby music

short breaths, our living death
you take me for a ride
mouth shut, all blood and guts
and social suicide
why don't you go, pretense in tow
we'll be alright
eyes wide, good looks preside
you take me for a ride

we ascend hand in hand
I toss and turn, you understand
we learn to synchronize
tirade provoke and inside jokes
you just go

moonlight pours in tonight
and you are infinite
we squeeze out dark disease
exboyfriend jealousy
and then you take off, your name aloft
I'll be just fine
fairweather friends forever
and I just wait in line

skinned knees, christmas eve
it meant everything
train tracks, we sit back
and watch it atrophy

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I can safely say that I haven't been this artistically euphoric maybe ever in my life. I feel like I just had a creative orgasm. I don't really know what happened but sometime between about 5 pm on Friday and right now I had a complete breakthrough and I feel so good about it.