Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

new york 1/alabama 0

I've been in New York for less than a week. It's been emotionally rambunctious but I would take that over lethargic. That's how I was starting to feel at home, not to sound angsty. I'm pretty sure I always sound angsty. I sort of have a job or 2, I have shows I'm really excited about coming up, I have good buddies, a shitty cafe I like with free refills and I've only fallen off my bike once AND I wasn't even drunk. I know that people say this so much that it holds little meaning but...things are really looking up.

The show I'm most looking forward to is the International Girl Gang Underground zine release party. Bad Banana is playing as well as Aye Nako (swoon), Slingshot Dakota and American Sun. All the information about the amazing zine (I wrote a piece for it!) and the release party can by found here

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

cry uncle

people have spoken to me about this song a lot lately. its really old and i have always been attached to the original version i recorded. i thought i'd share it.


Maybe my personal blog isn't the appropriate forum for this but it's kind of the only place on the internet I feel halfway comfortable writing anything personal. Hopefully the reasoning behind Bad Banana's cancellations at the end of our tour will circulate enough for SOME people to not think we're flaky jerks. I hate to cancel shows and I feel like P.S. Eliot has a bit of a reputation for doing just that (not typically my fault, though) so I want to address the reasoning. A really close friend of Allison and mine passed away and we canceled our show in New Orleans to come home to Birmingham and be with our friends. We came home last night after Gainesville to come to the funeral today which means we had to cancel in Athens. It was really shitty circumstances, really unexpected and we wanted to come say goodbye to our friend. We'll be sure to come back to NOLA and Athens really really soon.