Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nervous Energies session

filmed by Ryan Russell at Synchromesh Studios in Birmingham, AL. November 27th, 2010.


So those of you who know me know that I love knitting and beer coozies are my forte. (low skill, bad attention span) so I'm selling the ones I make online. I only have one image up as of now but I'm gonna take a few more and track some down of coozies' past. Check it out and order that shit so you can look cool and I can make some $$ and move to NYC.


Hey friends. I started a new solo project. It's called Waxahatchee after the creek where I wrote most of the songs. Ryan took a few photos of me yesterday while we were filming some videos. I'll post one below. I'll be doing a split soon with Chris Clavin and then after that maybe a full-length. Pretty exciting. I'm putting King Everything to rest. I'm proud of the music I made under that moniker but it feels like a distant memory. I was younger and everything was different and if it was a band we would've broken up ages ago. I'll post some music once the split is closer to being released. Until then:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

give up/in

That's it. I'm making a zine. I write too much and have been far too bored lately to not make one. There I said it. Hold me to it, blog.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

drivin' on 9

-be apologetic
-question yourself
-don't date hardcore boys
-don't let yourself get so low
-listen to breeders with allison
-only listen to allison
-live in yr own reality
-don't stop smoking because people judge you but stop before you're 30
-get out of here
-spend more time in chattanooga
-learn how to be alone
-stop rushing everything

wait i shouldn't question myself. i should probably leave my phone off for a few days, though.

Friday, November 12, 2010

goin on turr

February 14th-Washington DC w/ Sourpatch
February 15th-Richmond, VA w/ Sourpatch
February 16th-Baltimore, MD w/ Sourpatch
February 17th-Philadelphia, PA w/ Sourpatch
February 18th-Easthampton, MA w/ Sourpatch
February 19th-Brooklyn, NY w/ Sourpatch
February 20th-Buffalo, NY
February 21st-Columbus, OH
February 22nd-Bloomington, IN
February 23rd-Chicago, IL
February 24th-Louisville, KY
February 25th-Chattanooga, TN
February 26th-New Orleans, LA
February 27th-Tallahassee, FL
February 28th-Tampa, FL
March 1st-Gainesville, FL
March 2nd-Athens, GA

I know its a little far off but I'm so excited.