Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today we play in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I love playing shows in New York. We were just up about a month ago and the show was really awesome. The people I know here have always been endlessly supportive so I think in my mixtape today I'm going to reciprocate in a tiny way. Every band on the list today is either from New York(or very close in NJ) or was from New York or, in one case, is from REALLY far away but I played a show with in New York. You should check all of them out after downloading.

1. Favreau- Kudrow
2. The Big Six- Little Lungs
3. Island Loops- So So Glos
4. The Moment That You Said Yes- The Measure (SA)
5. Hot Tub- Full Of Fancy
6. Bone Valley Deposit- The Besties
7. The Golden Ghost- Cheeky
8. Joset of Nazareth's Blues- Titus Andronicus
9. Slow Signal- The Diamond Sea
10. Three- Each Other's Mothers


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