Monday, March 15, 2010


Today we're playing in Washington DC at the 3rd St Co-op. I haven't ever played a show in DC so I'm eager to see what it'll be like. Its a very historical city for punk rock and one of my favorite record labels ever was based out of DC. (Simple Machines) I included some local now-defunct bands as well as a Magnetic Fields song that I couldn't leave off for discernible reasons. Enjoy.

1. Waxed- Tsunami
2. Washington D.C.- Magnetic Fields
3. Exorcism- Turboslut
4. Casper The Friendly Ghost- Daniel Johnston
5. What's- The Ecstasy of St. Theresa
6. Everything Is- Neutral Milk Hotel
7. The Black and The Red- One Reason
8. It's The Love- The Breeders
9. Sadder Star- Mineral
10. Eisenhower Is The Father- Best Friends Forever

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