Thursday, June 9, 2011

drunk and sad and listening to henry's dress

i realized that there is a third king everything demo that i never posted. here it is if anyone cares:

i don't play king everything songs anymore but i made a demo like a year ago and realized that i never did anything with it. enjoy.

new york is good but i have no free time. i've written 1 song in 3 months. i really hope i get better at writing soon or i might have to move or quit writing songs.

my love life is messy and boring and the more and more i open up to my friends about it the more and more i feel like a total asshole. my boss did call me "a human cupcake" though. that's good.


  1. Henry's Dress soooooo good. You should use your writing talents to start a shoegaze/twee-pop band. I would really like that...

  2. Hey Katie,

    The link to the King Everything demo #3 is down. If you took it down, that's fine, I'm just letting you know in case. Any chance of a Sadie or Cry About It 2011 tour?

  3. Darn.

    I check this blog almost daily, and the link is down. King Everything was definitely my favorite of your projects. If at all possible, it would be awesome if you could reupload it.

  4. I got a new bass come back to to philly