Thursday, May 5, 2011

ra ra ra

It seems as though the essay I wrote for I Live Sweat, and the two preceding mine by Lauren and Mariel have warranted quite a response. I just want to take the opportunity to say that I made a promise to myself when I wrote my piece that I had to feel confident about every single thing that I said. I wanted it to be completely sincere so that no matter what fucked up, lude, challenging or opposing comments were made, I wouldn't feel ganged up on and I wouldn't secondguess myself.

I haven't read any of the comments on Punknews and I won't. The support I've gotten from my friends and from some strangers too have really made me feel like maybe people are going to start speaking out more about this issue. I have a lot of peers and close friends who always write/talk/act against sexism/homophobia and all other kinds of bigotry underlying in parts of our community. It seems like that pool of people is growing and I think that's so fucking cool. When I was younger I feel like I was always observing this indifference to safety in the scene and rather than articulating my reaction to that I just kept quiet. I encourage everyone to learn how to articulate their reactions in a positive way. Speak up, yo. People will have your back.

Additionally, The Measure (SA) are playing one of their last shows EVER this weekend at Death By Audio in Brooklyn. My band Bad Banana is playing as well as our homies Big Eyes and Death First! Show's Saturday. Don't miss out.

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  1. All of those essays, are really inspiring. Being a male bodied feminist ally, I will never fully understand how it feels, but I do find the struggle insanely inspiring. There is a group of boys out there that want to, and need to be as supportive for womens struggle. Thank all of you for writing so openly and honest.