Wednesday, May 4, 2011


it would appear that I have neglected this blog. I haven't posted in some time and I attribute that oversight to all the changes in my life. I live in New York now and the New York version of myself is just like the New York version of anyone. Busy and stressed out. Don't get me wrong; I love living here. There isn't a moment of quiet or peace or fresh air but something about this city is so stimulating for right now. Maybe it's all the variety and the immediate acceptance of one another. No one stares at you, no one laughs or whispers or makes you feel like you're weird or any different from anybody else. I could be romanticizing. I grew up in a community where there was one way to be. Everyone busted their ass to essentially be as alike as they possibly could. I don't feel like it's like that here. It's really something.

I've been feeling really unstable over the past couple of weeks for a number of reasons but I can feel myself doing things to trick myself out of it. Like sweeping. And avoiding alcohol. And not playing guitar because I know I can't write anything I'll like right now. I hope I can get my footing soon. Maybe it's something else to attribute to all the change.

I wrote a piece for a blog called I Live Sweat. It's about sexism in the punk scene and you can find it here:

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