Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Morale boosters and hangover cures. Bruce Springsteen. Iced Coffee. Being a third wheel. Trashcan fires. Trespassing. Tall cans.

My job blocked facebook today. FASCHISTS.

Here is a poem I wrote for a women in punk compilation P.S. Eliot is going to be on coming out on Paper and Plastick in the near future:

Suitcases of pilsner brewed
Levity, my baring protrudes
We live like paper dolls
Pride and position reinstalled
To run like unyielding machines
Carry out with modest means

Now he jumps forward, I’ll jump back
Arcane worship in pitch black
On 2 sleeping bags, on hardwood floors
You’re overwrought and I am bored
Battered flags hung over blinds
Stars and stripes across state lines

Every basement looks just the same
Everyone asks my first name
Our introverted aptitude
Just ruins everybody’s mood
But I see you across the room
Magnetism in full bloom

So we work on a masterpiece
That the miscreant will never see
But the execution’s a release
And I have all the friends I need
And caffeine and vitamin C
We are a resilient breed

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