Friday, January 21, 2011

milkshakes at coffee shops. facebook chat. rebounds. emotional trauma. trying hard not to talk to you. untoasted bagels. no money. verge of tears. heart in throat. red wine mouth. rooster alarm clock. people named chad or amber. disappointing people. ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends finding new boyfriends and girlfriends. consistent self-medication. full moons. hormones. spaghetti dinner. every single fucking person in your life having more important things to do. more important people to be with. giving you those photos. being a hypocrite. getting whats coming. karma. desperation. crying at work. learning how to change. everything in excess. over-stimulation. roy orbison resonating. guilt trips. birmingham. punk rock fascism. talking to distracted people. having no best friend. its shit. its all really just shit.

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