Tuesday, January 18, 2011

fuji apples

CAPRICORN - December 22nd - January 20th
You're becoming more aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Facing up to your phobias is scary, but necessary if you're going to realise your full potential. Be honest about how you've used money, sex, alcohol, drugs, or status symbols to numb your pain. By stripping these things away, you'll be forced to deal with your feelings. You're strong enough to face the truth of the situation and overcome any obsessions or addictions that are holding you prisoner.

So this is eerily appropriate. My behavior lately has been excessive and there are probably things I'm not "dealing with" or whatever but my real problem is that I don't exactly know what "dealing with" even means. How do you "deal with" your problems? I have no pending circumstances with another person or anything. I'm not stringing anyone along. I'm not pretending to feel worse than I do or pretending to feel better than I do. My recent indiscretions (if you want to call them that) feel like they were brought on by a wave of inexplicable melancholy. Or seasonal depression. And you don't really "deal with" that. You just let it pass. I think.

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