Thursday, July 7, 2011

waxahatchee-american weekend

delta queen's tumblr posted a link to download my new full length so go download!

here are the lyrics!

crave, desolate, you dive in, we follow along
i contrive you with whiskey and sam cooke songs
and we lay on our backs, soaking wet
below a static tv set
conversation flows, counting shooting stars and catfish
but i'll never make a wish
barefoot, parking lot
getting high in portland, or
we echo 17 and we glue it back and poke fun
and it gets real quiet, i don't care
darting with moonshine, truth or dare
i say just what i'm thinking and secondguess instantly
and you laugh at me
we stick to our slow motion memory
its 1 in the morning and 90 degrees
and though now it is hovering darkly over me
it'll look just like heaven when i get up and leave
you're a ghost and i can't breathe

grass stain
i don't care
i'll embrace all of my vices
and we'll black it out
or atleast slow everything down
and i'll fish for compliments
and i'll drink until i'm happy
and i'll wonder what you're doing but i won't call
our paths split
its morning but i still feel it
and we skate around
why our intemperance feels so profound
and i let you in real slow
and i regret it immediately
and i run away so fast, you fall too deep too easily
i don't care
if i'm too young to be unhappy
or i recklessly impair
this newfangled proclivity
and i won't answer my phone
and i'll never leave my bedroom
and i'll avoid you like the plague because i can't give you what you want
i won't give you what you want

rose, 1956
sharp hangover, it is christmas eve
it fades and evaporates passing the trains and lakes and trees
your breaths are short and urgent and it is unsettling
you got married when you were 15
now i hide out from telephone wires at waxahatchee creek
your body, weak from smoke and tar and subsequent disease
you got married when you were 15
no miscalculation, each other's only living means
your arms wane thinner
your legs surrender
sunlight probing, it is christmas eve
no stitch of shade, we pass by lakes and big mimosa trees
your breaths are short and urgent and it is unsettling
you got married when you were 15

american weekend
i watch these projections of us
you're magnetic and i cannot keep up
and i feel as you move in real close
and i feel as your head arose
you're a figment
i believed it
i depart, your dog died today
and you drive all the way here to tell me i'm okay
and i left and i didn't say goodbye
and i ran all the way home in the gray moonlight
it's dark now but we made it that way
with what we drink and how we think and what we say
we degrade ourselves
and then expect help
its morning, we're still in the same place
we are diluted, we are the only ones awake
and you hold me like you do it everyday
i chase a graceful way to erase or to run away
we diverge and i collapse into my bed
and you are shoved awkwardly into my head
wage sleep to sleep in
american weekend

hands under my clothes
we can't let it go
you set it up masterfully
and then blame it all on me
cynicism smothering
implanted, blossoming in me
our fun is toxic and bold
embellished and oversold
embody me
because i am weak
i moved out
but i never opened my mouth
i never opened my mouth
it's late, i'm up on the roof
in new york, i hung up on you
i can't pay for the mistakes i made
so i'll just let this die and decay

be good
its unclear now, what we intend
we're alone in our own world
you don't wanna be my boyfriend
and i don't wanna be your girl
and that, that's a relief
we'll drink up our grief
and pine for summer
and we'll buy beer to shotgun
and we'll lay in the lawn
and we'll be good
now i'm laughing at my boredom
at my string of failed attempts
because you think that it's important
and i welcome the sentiment
and we talk on the phone at night
until its daylight
and i feel clever
and i hear the slow in your speech
yeah you're half asleep
say goodnight
now i've got friendships to mend
i'm selfishly dispossessed
you don't wanna be my boyfriend
and that's probably for the best
because that, that gets messy
and you will hurt me
or i'll disappear
so we will drink beer all day
and our guards will give way
and we'll be good

luminary blake
full moon, we see our breath in a blue glow
i follow you to the bar in the snow
and then we roll around in your sheets
and watch our habits become a routine
and we'll fall asleep eventually
and i'll move away, forget today someday
meditate, i expand on the floor
floating in pennies and microphone cords
repeat mistakes, you're easy to erase
and i abstain, ideal falls in to place
but luck will fail
and others will pale
and i'll think of you
and i'll think i tried it
or i will deny it
but it's not true
no one reminds me
that better won't find me
and i won't learn
tiger tiger
i play with fire
and i get burned

magic city wholesale
crowd stale, wholesale
we're on the porch and there's a keg and you are quiet
wind shifts, i drift
to autumn, i tell dom what i see
she laughs at me
blast beat, we retreat
and it's a lonely street, the burden of circumvention
but fractions like us
fill cities and flats and cul de sacs
so we yell over it and have a laugh
and its a laughable scenario
peripheral motion picture show
and i feel your eyes, and i stayed inside
but it wouldn't work so i soak up your vice
tonight's a blur
we meet
you scare me
see, i have met people from maine and athens, ga and montreal
and i'm dead, lips red
licking sugar, i smile at everyone
formulated fun

take my word for it, i'm not worth it
i ignored you all night and you don't deserve it
morning, bathtub, my skin soft and hot
i was sure you were right but you're not
i contemplate my ruined fate
someone will hurt me so bad one day
and you'll resonate or i'll apologize
or maybe i'll make the same mistake twice
i hide from phonecalls under the warm water
malice desists, no it woefully recurs
and it plays like daytime tv shows, i confuse you
and i tell you not to love me but i still kiss you when i want to
and i lament, you're innocent
but somehow the object of my discontent
and its fucked up, i let you in
even though i've seen what can happen
you make a tape, receive it in the mail
and i force myself busy, the diversion will prevail
and i will swallow all my guilt with little pills and forge my chin up
and i will only think about it in the morning, in the bathtub

i think i love you
its late
we are not awake
and i smashed my phone
i am learning how to be alone
resoundingly unpretty girl stares back at me
and i become what everyone's harboring from
and is it your fault?
no i think it's my fault
we digress
you're inhaling smoke, emotionless
somewhere on a map
unaware that i am falling flat
and you will hurt me
and i deserve it
it's late
you are not awake
and it's nothing
i want you so bad it's devouring me
and i think i love you
but you'll never find out

we'll make it real loud
4 years, we'll barely speak
and you've got a husband now
i have waxahatchee creek
and you used to come here with me
i need a heavy heart
allison's only calling me when her life's falling apart
so i pour it tall and talk to myself in my head alone
but it's really better until i learn how
to gracefully let someone in and back out
but i won't worry about it right now
say what you're thinking, i'm watching thoughts dance around in your head
you'll let me down easy or you'll beg for my empathy
your lips are moving, your mouth is so close to mine
i almost can taste your spit, pilsner brew and cigarettes
if it keeps up we'll run out of time
i'll write you letters and i'll write you songs
and you will be endlessly distracting and then
it falls flat onto paper again
you're in the carolinas and i'm going to new york
and i'll be much better there
or that's what i'm hoping for
and we will never speak again


  1. I'd really like this album. Where can I find it now?

  2. broken link, please repair! <3

  3. Loved 'Grass Stain'. Made it my feature vid of the week at Happy to review the album. If interested, mail me.

  4. Agreed. Sad to see broken link. Both Waxahatchee and Swearin' have bandcamp pages, if that helps anyone. Oh yeah, Swearin's website (tumblr) said they have old PS Eliot albums for sale on request.

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