Wednesday, August 18, 2010

turn the record up

Allison and I started a new band where we control everything and play every instrument. That probably makes us sound like fascists. Autocratic punks. I haven't been this excited about a musical endeavor in a while.

I realize that I've totally neglected this blog. Its in part due to a busy summer full of playing shows and enduring personal crises. It's also because I haven't been working and when I haven't been working, I haven't been properly internetting. Whatever.

We just recorded a new record and during that time I sought personal triumph in all sorts of forms like lemonade Four Loko and channeling Reba McEntire. Transcendent is really the only word to describe it. I can't wait for more people to hear it. It was undoubtedly the best recording experience I've ever had.

Oh yeah:

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